Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilting for Peace - Bink Patrol

Followers of the precursor to this blog, my facebook page, will have been familiar with my series of projects inspired by the book 'Quilting for Peace'.

The final project on the list was a twin size quilt for
Binky Patrol.

I wanted to make something a little larger than the earlier projcets and wanted to use scraps. I also really wanted to make something I thought would appeal to boys.

The quilting reflected the striped pirate sections, I was hoping of a little interest but something simple enough to appeal to many.

The quilt is backed in a cozy flannel.

Now for my next set of charity projects. I came across the book
Craft Hope: Homemade Crafts for a Cause and think it might now be on the inspiration booklist!

Do you craft for charity too?

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Nicole said...

A recent find but a new favourite of mine too =)